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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum embodies who we are as a school. Through the careful planning of the learning across the school we aim to stimulate the natural curiosity of all of our children and develop their enquiring minds, encouraging a positive and purposeful attitude to learning. The curriculum is carefully mapped to ensure all our children have experiences which lead to a rich and broad education.


English, Maths and the Wider Curriculum


Our English curriculum is carefully planned through the exploration of high quality texts where possible to develop a life-long love of reading. The texts can be a specific text, such as the Hodgeheg by Dick King-Smith in year 3, or a group of texts by respected authors such as Julia Donaldson or Roald Dahl. Children also experience a range of quality novels through guided reading which enables pupils to access new texts with support of an adult.  The skills of reading and writing are explored using these texts as a model and rehearsed independently. All of our children then enjoy regular opportunities to apply their learning and create their own work.


In EYFS/Year 1 we teach the 'Letters and Sounds' programme of synthetic phonics through rigerous and pacey sessions. Alongside this children have regular experience of quality books through independent reading and study within lessons.


Our maths curriculum is planned using the school's calculation policy and ensures that all of our children develop mathematical fluency and reasoning skills using a mastery approach. The development of early number and calculation skill is a priority in KS1 to build the starting blocks for future calculations.


The wider curriculum is planned to give opportunities for children to engage in subjects with an enthusing and enquiry based approach. Children should have opportunities to engage with adults other than their teachers and have a range of experiences inside and outside school that will enhance their understanding and engagement with a topic. It is anticipated that each term should be begin with an out of school visit, in school visitor or other opportunity to engage with the topic.



Planning is reviewed and redeveloped reguarly with teachers having the freedom to create and adapt planning which meets the needs and interests of all of our children and to ensure that rapid progress is made across all subjects. All of our planning is underpinned by the 4Ls and the Simple Truths.


The school follows the National Curriculum for all subjects and the Leicestershire Agreed Local Syllabus for Religious Education and PE.  


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2017-18 Curriculum Overview