Latimer Primary School


Co-Head Teachers:

Ms Claire Mitchell

Ms Emma Turner



Developing Responsibility; Caring about achievement


We have recently taken part in Anti-Bullying Week to highlight the no tolerance angle we take on bullying. All children took part in activities throughout the week where they learnt about how to be a good friend, how to resolve conflicts sensibly, how to respond if you think you are being bullied and what to do if you think someone else is being bullied. You will also see from the photo on the home page of this website, Latimer took part in a Whistle Stop. Mrs Swarbrook blew the whistle to mark the end to any bullying at our school.

Y6 anti-bullying monitors are always available for advice and support in the playground and around school.

DSCF1899 Anti Bullying YR1 2 DSCF1901